“αρύβαλλος” was a spherical pot which was used in Ancient Greece for the storage of perfumes and oils.


Steam extraction, Sebum extraction, Sterilization with high heels, Facial massage for antiseptic action, Cleansing mask. Finally apply facial cleansing cream
We recommend it because it is a valuable skin rejuvenation process.
Duration: 90′ , Price: 60€


Fruit face hydration ritual, rich in amino acids and vitamins. Precious ingredients penetrate the skin. Their goal is to replenish the nourishment of the skin so that the face shines and becomes more elastic.
4-6 sessions for best results
Duration: 60′ , Price: 70€
Package of 5 sessions offer price 240€ from 350€


Aromatherapy uses the power of essential oils to massage your face by choosing your personal recipe according to the needs of the skin. It offers hydration, reduces tension and stress and balances skin grease. At the same time it gives vividness and shine to a dull skin, bringing your mood to the heights.
Duration: 50′, Price: 55€
Package of 5 sessions offer price 200€ from 275€

Hymne of snails

A natural lifting with snail mucus. Special holistic facial massage with elixir of 5 oils of Greek land and mask zeolite.
Duration: 60’ , Price: 70 €

After Sun Care (Face)

After Sun Care is ideal for a deep moisturizing to help the skin recover faster than sun exposure. Based on honey and yoghurt, a natural and popular medicine that has been used in Greece for hundreds of years, this combination is an ideal refreshing after-sun care treatment.
Duration: 60 ‘, Cost: € 50 / Session